My biggest problem has always been you. You, the unknown person that shows up in different peoples faces
around the world, I can not simply always have my guard up and be prepared but that is exactly what it feels
like I have to do in order to survive. Why is it like this? Is this really how it should be? Why do I have to fight,
twist and turn my existance in order to handle yours? Should it not be the other way around or not like it at
all? You are the unpleasant person on the public transport who does not even hide the way you are looking at
me. You are the one making me uncomfortable with your presence whilst we pass eachother on the sidewalk
and who follows my every move with disgust and disagreement in your eyes. You are the threatening voice
filled with sharp and hurtful words that echoes in my head later that day when I am about to go to sleep. And
every other day as well to be honest. You are the one that makes me question everything that I am, know,
want and feel. You make me doubt myself and hopelessly grasp for salvation and comfort in things that I
have worked so hard to distance myself from. You do not know anything about me and yet you treat me like
I am some horrendously strong force that you have to suffocate in order to keep on living. This makes me
sound like something powerful and I can not do anything but wishing for that to be true. But we both know
it is not and thats the problem, that we both know this. If only it could have been my secret and nothing you
knew about and could use against me. The fact that I feel weak because of you. I want to ask everyone else
that is not you for a favor, to see this war that is going on between you and I. I want to ask everyone else to
notice the way you look at me, to hear when your words are about me, to see you when you see me. I want
to ask everyone else this favor. Because there can not only be people like you. I refuse to believe that there
can only be people like you.
This is the somewhat translated text I posted a few days ago by the name of "Du."
I would like to ask you to answer a question after reading this. Only if you're up for it ofcourse!
What is this text about? 
Who is "you" in this context?
Thank you for reading and if you do comment I want you to know that every word is welcome.
There is no right or wrong!
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